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DeKalb County Community Action is proud of the services we offer and the Program Participants we serve.  Below are testimonials continued from the home page from Program Participants, colleagues, etc.  So many of our Program Participants have achieved many goals and overcome numerous barriers on their path to household stability.

"Community Action has helped me with school, make life plans, budget, and find my strength and weaknesses in dealing with people and situations."


R.R. - Program Participant


May 24, 2016

"This service is helping my family with our budgeting and financial situation.  They have provided a great deal of resources to help. Also, their Specialists have helped with our communication barrier and trust issues with each other.  They have helped with a great deal pertaining to our situation."


J.S. - Program Participant


May 17, 2016

"I have been participating in this program off and on for about two years.  Lesa (my Family Support Specialist and mentor) has been a big help. She helps me emotionally and physically.  She has helped me progress in many ways.  She helped me become more organized.  She has helped me by suggesting jobs and helping me with my resume.  Because of Lesa, I have become more self-sufficient.  She is teaching me to budget, coupon, and other things to help me.  This program is a wonderful spirit builder that helps to build character and become work efficient.  I will continue with this program as long as I can!"


S.G. - Program Participant


May 11, 2016


"I Kevin J. want to inform the DeKalb County Community Action Department that my time there working with Lucy was great.  She is a very caring person who goes beyond to help people and I love that about her.  Lucy and this program has helped change my life in a major way and I thank y'all so much.  The best part of this program for me is that I set my goals and completed them over the time while working with Lucy Sosa.  I must say I recommend this service to everyone.  It helped me improve things in my life."


Kevin J. - Program Participant


April 18, 2016

"This is a very good experience for me and my family.  I will tell everyone to come on in.  They are o.k."


P.L. - Program Participant


April 4, 2016

"It has helped me maintain with getting my bills taken care of.  Helping with getting my children in some kind of childcare.  It's helping me to try and reach the goals where I need to be."


J.D. - Program Participant



March 24, 2016

"My experience with DeKalb County Community Action was a great adventure.  I came in stressed out completely and Lesa scheduled an appointment for me and after the first appointment everything was less stressful and calmer in my life.  I was able to budget my finances and get back on track with my life all thanks to Lesa.  I also found a job, went through training, and received my CDL all within a month."


J.R. - Program Participant


March 23, 2016

"I am very blessed to have encountered the services from the Community Action Department.  My caseworker (Lesa) has provided me with so much beneficial information and has connected me with other organizations and programs to help me out of my hardship.  I appreciate that I'm receiving the necessary resources to improve myself and to move forward."


MDB - Program Participant


February 18, 2016

"Lucy Sosa,

I want to thank you all with all of my heart for the great support and help that you gave me. I want you to know that I was going crazy and I am thankful for your help, in first place Lucy Sosa, who as a human being is a great person – as there is almost none in this world. Thank you very much Lucy.  May God protect you for many years so that you may help other people turn out the way I did."  


"Lucy Sosa,

Yo quiero agradecer a todos ustedes con todo mi corazón por su gran apoyo y la gran ayuda que me brindaron. Quiero que sepan que yo me estaba volviendo loca y agradezco su ayuda, en primer lugar Lucy Sosa, que como un ser humano es una gran persona, como casi no hay en este mundo. Muchísimas gracias Lucy. Dios te conserve por muchos años para que sigas ayudando a otras personas para que estén igual que yo ahora."


Rosa M. - Program Participant


January 19, 2016

"Lucy Sosa has saved my life, she made my life a reason to live, and she gave me an opportunity to fight for a better quality of life.  She worked extremely hard to get me my needed apartment and I will thank God, her, and all participating workers my entire life."


Jorge M. - Program Participant


January 18, 2016

"I have been in the program for just two months and have already progressed farther than if on my own.  Lesa is a pleasure to work with and has been very helpful and so instrumental in helping choose a more efficient way of life.  She is so insightful into community services and knowledgeable of the help that one needs.  I couldn't be more thankful for Lesa and the DeKalb County Community Action Department."


Denise B. - Program Participant



"Community Action has been a great help to us.  When we first met with Lesa back in August of 2014, she was (and still is) a great help to us.  My wife and I lost everything we owned due to job loss and homelessness.  We were at Hope Haven for a short time and found a place to live with some help from the V.A.  Also, Lesa helped my wife with her disability papers, and referred us to places to get food, clothing, and other assistance.  Lesa has been a God send to us.  We wish that there were more people like her!"


J.H. - Program Participant



"Desde mi primera visita a la oficina del Departamento de Acción Comunitaria del Condado de DeKalb me he sentido diferente. Hay personas que nos pueden escuchar y ayudar a salir adelante a pesar de circunstancias difíciles que uno cree que uno nunca va a salir. Siempre que voy son amables y tratan de entenderme. Apenas tengo pocos meses ahí y ya tengo trabajo y aceptada mi solicitud para una casa. Les recomiendo que visiten esta oficina. Lucy Sosa habla español y es una persona que te va a ayudar, llama."


"Since my first visit to the DeKalb County Community Action Department I have felt different. There are people that can listen to us and help us to get ahead regardless of difficult circumstances that one thinks can’t be overcome. They are friendly and they try to understand me. I have been with them for just a few months and I already have a job and my application for a [place to live] has been accepted. I recommend that you visit this office. Lucy Sosa speaks Spanish and she is a person that will help you, call."


B.P. - Program Participant


May 24, 2016

"Community Action has helped me in many ways from learning how to budget responsibly to finding affordable housing.  I would recommend this service to anyone.  Before coming here I didn't know about a lot of community resources that are available to my family.  Lesa is also an excellent person to work with; very helpful.


L.R. - Program Participant


June 20, 2016

"My experience with Community Action has been nothing but amazing.  Since working with the services I have learned better communication skills, Microsoft programs, etc.  The help that I have received has helped me help others.  A few things I have been helped with are food pantries, housing, and research skills.  Do not be afraid to carry out your plans/goals and be open for help when needed."


J.J. - Program Participant


July 26, 2016

"This program has helped me to be more organized and better focused on my goals.  It has helped me to plan better for my future and take things step by step to where I can easily understand it and keep track of everything.  Through my time in this program I have been able to put things in perspective and reach my goals in a timely manner."


V.H. - Program Participant


August 1, 2016

"Since starting with Lesa, I have accomplished so much more than I would have on my own.  She is very nice to work with, very smart, funny and witty."


B.C.S. - Program Participant


August 9, 2016

"Community Action has had a beautiful impact on my life and helped me get organized with everything in my life.  A great program for anyone."


ReRo - Program Participant


September 28, 2016

"It has helped me in my disabilities to provide medical care and SNAP benefits so I can get back on my feet again."


D.T. - Program Participant


September 28, 2016

"It helps me with my son to figure out what is wrong with him and get him the help he needs. I am progressing by them helping find a job that fits my needs and skills."


S.T. - Program Participant


September 28, 2016

"You've helped me a lot in moving from the Sycamore trailer park to now helping me get a job."


E.A. - Program Participant


October 5, 2016

"I have grown in so many ways.  I enjoy working with Lesa and have learned so much about the community and the services.  I especially enjoy paying bills on time."


D.B. - Program Participant


October 5, 2016

"My experience here has been very good.  They have helped me so much with everything I needed and I hope to continue in the upcoming year.  Thanks so much!"


R.G. - Program Participant


October 11, 2016

"DCCAD has helped me transition from a homeless shelter into my own apartment.  My Support Specialist is always there for me when I need her.  She helps me set goals to stay within my budget, improve my mental health, and progress at my job.  I cannot express how grateful I am for my Support Specialist and all the help she has been!"


KMD - Program Participant


October 24, 2016


"I think that this program has helped me tremendously.  I really appreciate everything that this program has done.  I hope to conquer all my hurdles and all the goals that I pursue and with God's help I can and will.  I would like to give a special thanks to Lesa Eames, thanks a lot!


Yours truly,


Earl Williams


Earl Williams - Program Participant


December 8, 2016

"When I first started the program I felt like my life was a wreck.  A huge part of me felt alone and nothing would get better.  In my appointments I would cry from frustration.  My Family Support Specialist always reassured me that it's not that bad and everything will turn around.  She held true to her word, and now the majority of my problems have turned around for the best.  Thank you Lesa for all of your advice, words of encouragement, support, and most importantly understanding.


P.W. - Program Participant


December 21, 2016


"The program has helped me greatly.  When I first started I was stressed out and did not want to do anything.  I wanted to give up.  But working with my Family Support Specialist allowed me to get my bills, life, and social things on better terms."


J.J. - Program Participant


February 17, 2017


"My experience with Community Action is great!  Lesa keeps me leveled.  Helps me pat myself on the back even when I feel like I don't need it.  I look at Lesa as a mentor to me in my daily life.  She keeps me grounded, helps me not to worry so much, and stop stressing.  I am glad I met her and the program.  I would recommend it to everyone."


Shatara G. - Program Participant


March 8, 2017


"My experience here at Community Action was great. I learned and gained a lot from this program.  I wouldn't change anything about coming here.  Thank you a lot.


LM - Program Participant


March 8, 2017


"When I became a part of this program I was on the verge of losing my house and had no job. I felt like the biggest failure to my family.  Lesa came to my rescue!  She has guided me through rough times and I now get to say goodbye.  I have been able to pay off major debt and obtain a good paying job all while keeping a roof over my family.  She deserves unlimited amount of praise and gold stars."


SK - Program Participant


March 20, 2017


"So far, my experience at Community Action has been a good one.  My Family Support Specialist is very helpful and a great listener.  From work issues to DHS appointments to navigating the Housing Authority process, my Family Support Specialist always has pertinent information and advice to give me through.  Together we set monthly goals and keep me on track and going in a positive direction.  I feel like my life has improved drastically since I started going to Community Action."


Kalie D. - Program Participant


April 7, 2017


"Lesa at Community Action helps me keep on track with my job search and making sure that I am keeping my finances in order and am aware of the many different programs in the area."


SK - Program Participant


May 31, 2017


"They are so helpful and professional.  They have gone far beyond my expectations in helping me.  Navigating the paperwork, and explaining the types of assistance available to me under my circumstances.  I have had many instances when we have taken on the system.  I am so thankful for their help."


C.L. - Program Participant


May 31, 2017


"Where do I start?  This program has been a life saver for me.  It has helped me to regain my trust back into the workforce.  It has shown me how to get my confidence and courage back as well.  Lesa Eames has been my Family Support Specialist for three years.  She has brought "sunshine" back into my life.  Thank you Lesa for everything you've done for me.  You have certainly been a "blessing" to me!"


V.R. - Program Participant


June 8, 2017



"I am so glad that I met the good people that helped me overcome what I have been going through.  I am now working for UBER and also obtained a job in a nursing home.  I am happy for all the help I am getting. Thank you so much!"


JN - Program Participant


June 8, 2017




"Wow Lesa!


Thank you so much for thinking of my client! I am touched and inspired at the same time, for you are a very kind person and an amazing resource for those who are in need!!!


We were able to find an apartment for my client in a very nice location that is nearby her grandchildren's school. It is a very peaceful place and she will be moving there in August!


My heart is going out to you for all the wonderful things that you do!


God bless you!"


Ana - Translator


June 9, 2017

"I lost my job suddenly and could not get unemployment.  I went to the Township for help and they suggested that I sign up for DeKalb County Community Action Department services. I was four months behind in my rent and the landlord wanted me to leave.  Today, two and a half months later, I have paid all my past due rent and have a new lease.  My income has increased 30% from prior to losing my previous job, all because of the guidance and following Lesa's suggestions to contact community resources that she knew about.  I'm getting back on my feet financially and I wish I had used the Family Stability and Support program several months prior to when I actually did."


AO - Program Participant


June 26, 2017




"I love the Community Action!!"


Q.B. - Program Participant


September 7, 2017

"Ever since I spoke with Ms. Eames back in March of this year, she has been so supportive, helpful, understanding, and willing to help in my time of need for my family.  She has opened up many things and has been much help with resources for my family.  So I just want to thank her and continue to receive her help and advice as much as I can."


T.H. - Program Participant


September 15, 2017

"Community Action was so helpful in helping me find resources to help my family get on their feet."


Heather P. - Potential Program Participant


November 3, 2017

"I went from sleeping in my car to safely housed.  I am back in college and finishing my bachelor's degree in nutrition.  My five year-old daughter is doing much better in school.  I feel much more optimistic about my future.  DCCAD has helped me to get my life back together and be stronger than before."


Kalie D. - Program Participant


January 8, 2018

"I am writing to let you know that my experience with DeKalb County Community Action has helped me get through my struggles in my time of need.  As I look back on when I was struggling I can say it all worked out for me thanks to Ms. Eames.  I am glad I came here.  I got help moving forward on a positive note through the hurdles.  I would recommend this Department to friends.


A.W. - Program Participant


January 10, 2018

"I came into the program and talked to Joanne about me being pregnant and homeless with a domestic with my baby's father.  I had a meeting with her that I didn't want to miss that even though I had contractions I came and went into labor in her office.  Now I have a wonderful baby boy and a wonderful apartment and a nice job.  I loved that I got in this program and got to meet her, because it's been a long road and I'm back on my feet"


M.S.. - Program Participant


November 8, 2018

"My Support Specialist Lesa Eames has done a tremendous job teaching me many tasks.  Budgeting and dealing with insurance for health care.  I would have not been able to do these by myself.  The stroke I had took away my ability to deal with simple tasks.  I also had a great deal of help negotiating mental and physical health care.  I thank her for all the inspirational talks and help."


Connie L. - Program Participant


March 13, 2018

"I came to Community Action in January 2018 very upset, wondering where I was going to live and to see if they could help me with housing considering my home I lived in for 25 years.  Joanne Dunbar helped me so much with housing and finding a job.  It's been hard dealing with everything and Joanne is so understanding.  Thank you Joanne and Community Action."


C.S. - Program Participant


May 9, 2018

"I have truly learned so much from being a client.  Joanne Dunbar has played a major part in my success in the program.  She has encouraged me on days when I just wanted to give up!  I have achieved a new job, housing, and returning to school while being in the program.  I am very thankful for Community Action and I am still a participant as well.


Alana B. - Program Participant


May 10, 2018

"I feel that Joanne has been like a mother to me.  The support and encouragement I get here is very meaningful.  I have a hard time managing life and getting strted in the right direction.  If it weren't for Joanne I wouldn't be headed in the right direction."


T.W. - Program Participant


June 12, 2018

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