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Client Grievance Policy

I.     Purpose


The DeKalb County Community Action Department believes the individuals and families we serve have the right to receive respectful and responsive services in a safe environment.  To ensure this for our clients and/or their representatives, we are committed to providing a way for complaints to be made and resolved.


A grievance is a complaint that can be made about something the client does not like.  It may be a complaint about the rules, the people he/she has had contact with or the environment in which he/she was served.


The Client Grievance Policy will be posted in all of the DCCAD offices/worksites and will be posted on the agency website.


It is against DCCAD policies for clients filing a grievance to be criticized, mistreated or threatened by staff.



II.     Procedure


If a program participant has a problem or complaint the following steps should be taken:


Step 1.  The program participant should talk to a staff person he/she feels comfortable with about the problem or complaint.  The staff person will try to help the client in resolving the problem.  The staff person will inform their supervisor about the grievance as soon as possible.


Step 2.  If the program participant and staff person were not able to help resolve the problem or complaint, the client may contact the Executive Director.   The Director will respond to the client verbally or in writing within five (5) business days.


Step 3.  If the Executive Director was not able to resolve the problem or complaint, the client may submit a written grievance to the Chair of the CSBG Board by mail: CSBG Board Chair of DCCAD, 2500 North Annie Glidden Road, Suite F, DeKalb, Illinois  60115.  The Board Chair will attempt to resolve the complaint or problem as soon as possible; and will provide a written response to the grievance within two (2) weeks.  The Board Chair’s decision will be final.

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