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Juvenile Justice Council


DeKalb County Juvenile Justice Council

Strategic Plan: 2014 – 2017


Community Collaboration


Goal:  To develop and implement a system of collaboration to address the needs of individuals involved in the

Juvenile Justice System.


Rationale:  A unified system of collaboration will increase positive outcomes for youth without duplicating

services, therefore reducing costs to the community.



  • To educate community members and service providers on the causes of delinquent behaviors and what research shows works effectively to prevent and reduce those identified behaviors.

  • To institute the use of formal cooperative interagency agreements.



Juvenile Delinquency


Goal:  To reduce delinquent behaviors in DeKalb County as measured by risk/protective factors.


Rationale: Reducing delinquent behavior increases the quality of life for youth and families while increasing community safety and reducing costs to the community.



  •  To encourage the use of a standardized risk assessment tool by all youth agencies and schools who provide services geared towards prevention and reduction of delinquent behaviors.

  • To focus resources on programs that are proven by research to decrease delinquent behaviors.





Goal:  To improve school attendance for all K-12 students.


Rationale:  Increased attendance improves academic achievement, increases employability, decreases juvenile delinquency and reduces costs to the community.



  •  To explore and encourage the adoption of a county wide attendance policy

  •  To review and revise, as necessary, the procedures for truancy intervention including referrals, pre-court hearings, diversion and court referrals.



For more information contact Bri Kness at 815-217-0194 or

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