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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Community Action?

Community Action stems from the 1964 Economic Opportunity Act signed by President Johnson as a part of the war on poverty. Community Action helps persons experiencing poverty have a say in designing programs to improve the communities in which they live.

What does DeKalb County Community Action (DCCA) do?

DCCA helps low-income households achieve and maintain a higher level of household stability through comprehensive support services.

Who do you serve in your program?

DCCA serves low income DeKalb County residents who are struggling with household stability.

What are "comprehensive support services"?

These are services tailored to each household's unique situation; their needs, goals, etc. A Family Support Specialist works closely with each household providing advocacy and support while the household works toward stability. The household and Family Support Specialist figure out ways to deal with current circumstances and plan for a stable future.

What should I expect if I choose to participate in DCCA services?

You should expect to meet ongoing with a Family Support Specialist who will help support your family's action toward increased household stability. This will begin with an initial assessment and then consequent meetings devising plans to attain household stability.

Do I have to schedule an appointment or can I just go to the office when I need help?

It is best to call our office at 815-758-3910 and speak with a Family Support Specialist to schedule an appointment for an assessment. Our Family Support Specialists are busy meeting with families and will not have adequate time to meet with you if you just come in without an appointment.

What documentation do I need to access DCCA services?

Documentation of residency in DeKalb County, household gross income verification for the past 90 days (members 18 & older), Social Security numbers for all household members (if documented), and photo ID's for adults 18 and over. There may be other documentation needed as you work with a Family Support Specialist.

What is a GAP?

GAP is short for Goal Action Plan and is a guide to move households from their current situation to household stability. The Family Support Specialist helps a family create this to address their needs and goals and steps needed to take to address these.

How often do we need to meet?

This will be determined by the family and Family Support Specialist. In order to thrive using our services, there must be some sort of regular contact between the household and Family Support Specialist to address the Goal Action Plan.

What is the resource area and can I use it?

You may use the computer, phone, fax, and printer/copier to work on things you and your Family Support Specialist discuss in your GAP such as job searches and resume writing. Only active program participants may use the resource area and must be scheduled with their Family Support Specialist.

Why don't you give financial assistance anymore?

Our services have always been about helping families achieve their maximum level of household stability. Our services have evolved to reflect this. We no longer provide financial assistance or treat the initial assessment as an application for financial assistance. If a situation arises where financial assistance could help, you and your Family Support Specialist will work together to get the assistance you need from the community to resolve the crisis while concurrently working on the things to make your household thrive.

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