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Executive Director's Message


Dear DeKalb County:


DeKalb County Community Action provides diverse assistance to help low-income individuals and families who are experiencing a crisis. The charge of our department is to eliminate the causes and effects of poverty in our county by addressing systemic barriers and providing direct assistance to individual households. We also provide information and resource facilitation to strengthen the community response to individuals and families in need.


We believe that every household in the county possesses unique skills and strengths that are available to them at any given time to assist in their self-sufficiency. We strive to work with people to utilize the assets they possess and to help them develop additional skills, strengths, and resources. The primary goal of our services is to assist in the improvement of the lives of the people that we serve and those who live in their households. We aim to address a household's current crisis and to assist with strategies to decrease the chance of such a crisis in the future.


We achieve our goals by providing comprehensive short or long-term family support services that focuses on self-sufficiency. All of our clients receive information and referrals, support, advocacy, and goal setting assistance.


It is important for Community Action to respond to the needs of those we serve and to be proactive in addressing trends and changes affecting households impacted by poverty. We welcome any ideas community members have on how to expand services and/or integrate new ones. Please email these, as well as any questions or comments to me at  If you are seeking DeKalb County Community Action assistance, please call our main phone number at (815) 758-3910 so you can speak with one of our Family Support Specialists.







Donna Moulton, MSW, LCSW, CPM, CCAP

Executive Director


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