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2015-2016 CSBG Scholarship Recipients























Gladys Sanchez                                                                                   Yannick Koua

Northern Illinois University                                                                     Northern Illinois University

Community Leadership and Civic Engagement                                    Community Leadership and

                                                                                                              Civic Engagement

























Vanessa Howell

Kishwaukee College






















Sierra Davis

Northern Illinois University

Health Sciences Rehabilitation Services

"I have one year left of undergraduate (Community Leadership and Community Engagement). I plan to be an Executive Director of a non-profit organization for people with special needs. To me actions speak louder than words. The 2015 Community Service Block Grant Scholarship will lift financial burdens off my back so I can focus on my life mission to strategically change the world and to uplift an inclusive community."

"Last year during the period of May through August 2014 I became homeless. I did not have any money;I had to sleep on different couches at my friend's houses while working. Even with hardships and tribulations, my character always rises to top and I strive to look for solutions to my problems. Hard work ethic, resilience and perseverance are three of my outstanding qualities. Currently,I intentionally involve myself in organizations that is concurrently connected to my life mission. My life mission is to constantly give back to the world. My current major is CLCE (Community Learning Community Engagement) which is a major that focuses on organizations that creates tangible changes in people's community. I plan on opening schools that will focus on service learning,cultural immersion via activities and allow to contextualize the nature of inequality. As an African person,I believe it is vital as youth to learn different cultures and being able to critically think. In order for me to focus on my life mission Ineed assistance with lessening my financial burdens. I remember nights having enough money without food and wondering where I will sleep next,but I never give up. I continue to work hard and let my inner strength carry me throughout my college career. Receiving the DeKalb County Block Grant Scholarship would make an astronomical difference in my life and would lessen my financial burdens. I will constantly persevere with whatever adversity is thrown at me,however, as a future leader,I would be extremely grateful to be able to gain this scholarship for financial support so I can stop worrying about my next meal or a next warm bed to sleep in."

"Receiving this scholarship will help my family and I tremendously! I am in the very last semester of school to receive a RN certificate! Wow,it has been a long road.My family and I moved to DeKalb in 1998 with two garbage bags of clothes,no car, and no place to live. We resided in Safe Passage's transitional housing for over 2 years. I received the counseling that I needed to help me realize that I AM SOMEBODY and I plan on paying that forward. Look at how far I have come. I cannot believe it myself. I want to be the hope for single mothers, mothers who are struggling with domestic violence, and mothers who have a feeling of hopelessness. That was me. I am now at a point where I think that anything goes. I am in charge of my destiny. I plan to empower women. This scholarship will help me become self-sufficient so that I am able to do just that. If I can do it they can do it as well. Thank you for your consideration."

"I have always been passionate about helping others. I especially have a heart for the eldery and those who are negatively affected by aging. Being raised by my great-grandparents I got to see first hand how the aging process affects people physically.This has caused me to want to persue a career in physicaltherapy and rehabilitation services. I feel there is alot of joy invloved in being able to help people get back to their normal selves after surgery,a fall,or other physical ailments that require therapy. This scholarship would tremendously help me to be able to reach my goals much faster. I began working on my Bachelor's degree in 2011and after 2 years it became a lot to bare financially so I decided to take a break to save money,and better prepare to return to school. Now that I am a single parent,I am motivated now more then ever to get back to working on my education so I can achieve my goals and be able to make a stable life for myself and my daughter. I appreciate being considered for such an amazing opportunity to reach my educational goals."

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